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MoU with Swastika- a social education and economic

MoU with GirijaNanda Choudhury University

MoU for waste management with Panchyat

MoU between Dept.of ENG KCC & MNC

MoU with NEXUS

MoU between KCC and NG College

MoU with Barkhetri College

MoU with Nalbari Commerce College

MoU with nath and sarma associates

MoU between Dept.of Eco.kcc & Dept.of Eco. Tihu Co

MoU between North Gauhati College & KCC

MOU between KCC & Tihu College

MOU between KCC & SS Technologies

MoU between KCC & Gratia Tecnologies

MoU between MIMS and KCC

MoU between Dafodil College of Horticultur and KCC

MoU between Assam Royal Global University and KCC

MoU between KKHSOU and KCC