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The Library is the lighthouse for information dissemination. which is an important component of any educational institution. It is the hub of the teaching and learning activities where students, teachers and researchers can explore the vast resources of information. The College Governing Body has decided the name the College Library as Gaurikanta Talukdar Library, one illustrious son of the locality and the eminent educationist. The well-equipped library is part and parcel of the college's mission to achieve excellence in higher education including research activities. The library aims at including a health reading habit among all stakeholders. We have a fully computerized library under SOUL Software. Apart from a total numbers of books 37, 201 in different subjects. 15 no journals and 7 daily newspapers and different magazines.

The Philosophy
-To acquire useful documents and information by using library techniques and information technology.
-To give circulation and dissemination of information among the stakeholders.
-To preserve and conserve of the documents procured in the for posterior use.

Loan Privilege's
Each member will be given as many readers tickets as many volumes of books he is entitled to borrow books at one time. viz-
1. B.A/B.Sc. All semester students (Major) -3 books
2. B.A./B.Sc. All semester students(General) -2 books
3. H.S. 1st and 2nd year students - 2 books
4. Teaching Staff - 20 books
5. Non-Teaching staff- 5 books

Library Card
The readers will have to obtain no-transferable readers tickets for using the library and they will have to produce the same on the demand.

Library Rules
1. The readers will have to put his/her signature in the register kept at the checkpoint at the entry gate.
2. Books and journals are not to be removed from their respective places.
3. The readers are not allowed to put the documents from one shelf to another shelf.
4. No refreshments of FOOTSTUFF will be allowed inside the library.
5. Smoking is strictly prohibited in and around the library.
6. Suggestion of purchase of Books/Journals or library improvements are mostly welcome.
7. Marking on the books/journals is strictly prohibited.
8. Cost of any damage books/journals/ materials will be realized from the present user. Therefor, the readers are requested to check the books before issuing.
9. Books must be returned or renewed within 30 days by the members. otherwise Rs. 1/- will be overdues per day.
10. References books are not for issue to the borrower.

1. N-LIST (E-Resources)
2. Internet including Wi-Fi facilities
3. Photocopies
5. Journal (Current and back volumes)
6. Newspapers (Regional, National)
7. Computerized lending facilities including Barcode facilities.

Library Staff

Lohit Talukdar
Designation : LIBRARIAN
Bipin Chandra Barman
Narendra Nath Talukdar
Designation : BEARER

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