Kamrup College

ICT Facilities

The Kamrup college is consistently pursuing in building a sound IT infrastructure for the utilization in Teaching Learning Process. The IT facilities of the College are upgraded regularly based on the requirements. Continuous upgrading of facilities including installation of adequate number of wi- fi routers for maximising the internet accessible area, online admission portal, digital class rooms etc. is efficiently taken up. Every department has Computer with printer. For the enormous size halls, adequate sound systems are provided for effective communication. Entire college campus is covered by Wi-Fi Web Network with data transmission 100 MBPS.There is additionally one focal smart digital classroom in the college. To convey the learning experiences, faculty members use PPT, Video clippings, films, and so forth. 6. For getting advanced
and exceptional information, faculty members take the advantages of e-resources. The college has installed ERP Software to maintain database of students’. INFLIBNET N-LIST resources have been made
accessible to all. There is a digital section in the library to provide online resources to the students. The college has been running two computer related certificate courses—CCA & DCA. Both the courses are helpful in using ICT facilities in teaching learning process.
Similarly a number of webinar, workshop ,training programmeswere also conducted. Through WhatsApp groups, course materials in form of Word Documents, PDFs, PPTs, Videos, and YouTube Link
has been provided not only in the pre lockdown period but also in the post lockdown period. The College campus is fully under CCTVsurveillance.
Biometric attendance system was installed in the year 2015 for all teaching and non-teaching staff. Prior to that, the College was having a fingerprint biometric scanner.