Kamrup College

Programmes Offered

The college offers courses of study in Arts and Science up to undergraduate level as Regular & Honours programs under Gauhati University. The courses will be according to the National Education Policy-2020 as implemented by Gauhati University. The Higher Secondary section offers 10+2 level course in Arts stream under the ambit of Assam Higher Secondary Education Council. Though the medium of instruction is generally Assamese, in certain case, English is retained as complementary to Assamese. The medium of instruction for courses in the science stream is purely English.
Higher Secondary
• English
• Modern Indian Language (MIL)
• Economics
• History
• Political Science
• Logic and Philosophy
• Education
• Mathematics
• Swadesh Adhyayan
• One of the classical languages viz.
Sanskrit, Arabic or Advanced Assamese

Undergraduate degree programs will be of four years duration with multiple entry-exit points. The Four Year Undergraduate Program (FYUGP) will be according to the guidelines prepared by Gauhati University as per National Education Policy 2020. It is advised to check the portal at nep.gauhati.ac.in for the latest updates. One has choice to exit from the programme thrice
– after one year, after two years, and after three years. If one exits the programme after one year, one gets a certificate. If one exits after two years, one gets a diploma. If one exits after three years, one gets a Bachelor’s Degree. And finally if one completes the whole 4-year, one gets a Bachelor’s Degree (Honours). This will be implemented as per the NEP Guidelines of Gauhati University.

Course Structure

The FYUGP is divided into two parts — (i) Core Courses and (ii) Common Courses. The minimum credit allocation for a 3-year
programme is 84 credits in Core Courses and 36 credits in Common Courses, which comes to a total of minimum 120 credits for a 3-year programme. With the fourth year, the minimum credit requirements becomes 160. A student
can however earn up to a maximum of 132 credits in a 3-year programme and 176 by the fourth year. The performance in the Core Courses will also determine the grade of the student in the final examinations. The total minimum credit requirement is 84 for the Core Courses, which translates to 21 courses (i.e. papers) with a credit allocation of 4 per course (paper). A student will need to study at least three Core subjects. Updated credit structure shall be available at the Gauhati University portal

Major/Minor Subjects

The college offers “Bachelor’s Degree in a Stream” as per the FYUGP of Gauhati University. The streams available at the college are Arts and Science. Multidisciplinary Courses
The multidisciplinary subjects are Class XII- standard subjects. The entire multidisciplinary group is divided into six categories. All these categories will have three papers each, to be studied during Semesters 1-3. The college shall offer the following subjects:
• Natural Science: Physics & Astronomy, Chemistry and Biological Science.
• Mathematical Science: Basic Mathematics and Statistics
• Humanities & Social Science: Basic Economics, Political Science, History, Philosophy, and Psychology, Women’s and Gender Studies

Skill Courses

A student can take any skill course offered by the respective institution during Semesters 1-3. The available skill courses shall be notified at the beginning of each semester. Prerequisites, Requirements and Constraints The prerequisites are subjects that a student must have studied (and passed) in an earlier
level of education (usually Class XI & XII) in order to be able to choose a subject. In contrast to the prerequisites, requirements
are certain conditions attached to some core subjects. For example, if a student wants to study Botany as a core subject, Chemistry as another core subjects has to be chosen. This is a
‘requirement’. However, if one chooses Chemistry, there is no requirement. Constraints refer to the maximum number of
subjects a student can choose from a particular subject-group. For example, one can choose a maximum of any two subjects from the group – Biological Science & Anthropology. This is a
‘constraint’ for this group. Add-on Courses, Career Oriented Programmes and Developmental Programs The college offers the following certificate and diploma courses :
• Computer Literacy
• Entrepreneurial Development
• Basic Computer Programming
• Circuit Designing and Repairing
• Spoken Sanskrit
• Fruit Processing
• Cutting & Tailoring
• Spoken English
• Numerical Ability Enhancement for Competitive Exams

Distance Education

Providing quality higher education through open and distance learning mode with affordable fees is one of the principal objectives of Kamrup College, Chamata. The college offers distance education under Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University. The KKHSOU Kamrup College Study Centre offers the following courses:
Extension Education
Kamrup College, Chamata the only recognized institution of Higher Education in the entire West Nalbari area has been working in the field of imparting education both formal and non-formal since its inception in 1966. Understanding that Extension Education is the third dimension in higher education, the Extension Education Centre of Kamrup College has dedicated itself to the services of the community and resolves to seek continued public support to such outreach programmes. Keeping in mind the needs of such programmes, the Extension Education Centre of Kamrup College has identified the following department wise programmes to be organized from time to
• Arabic: Facilitate peace Education by imparting the morals of Arabic Literature
• Assamese: Preservation and collection of Folk Literature
• Economics: Government Budget and Economic Policy, its implementation and impact on people
• English: Spoken English and Personality Development
• History: Awareness programme on National Integration, achievement of various prominent social leaders, philosophers etc. for inspiring people
• Political Science: Voter\'s Awareness campaigns, Gender Sensitization Campaigns
• Education: Child raising practices, child guidance programme,superstition awareness programme, Swachhata Abhiyan
• Philosophy: Value Based Education
• Sanskrit: Functional Activity Programme

Coaching Classes for Entry in Services
There is provision for coaching classes for entry in services (both Govt. and Private) in the college for degree students belonging to SC, ST, OBC(NCL), Minority , economically weak and PwD categories.