Kamrup College

Examination System

Examination System:

1. Continuous assessment of the student is done by the departments through regular tests, seminars, projects and assignments. The marks secured by the students in these assessments are taken into consideration at the time of sending up the students for the final examination.
2. The Examination Committee’s decision in this regard is final and binding.
3. All students must appear in all the examinations conducted by the college during an academic year.
4. Any student who is unwell may be permitted to avail of the sick room facility during an examination.
5. For all College examinations, pass marks, as laid down by Assam Higher Secondary Education Council andGauhati University will be taken as the standard.
6. Relaxation, if any, will be decided by the Committee for the finalization of the result of the Test Examination.
7. A student not appearing in any subjecting any examination shall be declared to have secured ‘zero’.
8. Whether the names of the students who have not appeared in the Unit Tests and the Terminal Examinations can be forwarded to the University the Semester examinations, is be decided by the Examination Committee.

Internal Assessment System :

The Gauhati University has introduced lnternal Assessment of students of TDC classes. Under this system, for each paper of 100 marks, the University will conduct an examination for 80 marks and the remaining 20 marks will be allocated by the College on the basis of Internal Assessment.