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Unlock the mysteries of the animal kingdom with ZOOLOGY!
The Department of Zoology of Kamrup College, Chamata (KCC), is a part of the newly introduced Science Stream (established in the year 2022) of the college, and has affiliation from Gauhati University (GU), Assam. The department is a dynamic center for the study of animal life and biodiversity. Our dedicated faculty members and departmental facilities provide a nurturing and stimulating environment for students to excel in their studies and pursue their passion for zoology.

Programmes and Course details:
B.Sc. in Zoology (Honours & Generic)

Departmental Facilities:
The department is equipped with the latest facilities to support both theoretical and practical aspects of zoological studies. These include:
(A) Laboratory:
We have a well-equipped laboratory for conducting basic and advanced fieldwork, experiments, and research. (i) Instruments: Our laboratory is equipped with essential instruments such as microscopes, microtomes, ovens, incubators, water baths, digital pH meter, etc. (ii) Specimens: The department maintains a collection of wet specimens and preserved permanent slides of animal life. Wet specimens include invertebrates (Spongilla, Pennatula, Sycon, Obelia, Pila, etc.) as well as vertebrates (Bat, Labeo, etc.). Preserved permanent slides primarily consist of invertebrates, cell division, and various life stages (embryological stages). (iii) Chemicals: The department possesses sufficient chemicals to conduct the standard experiments as per the course curriculum.
(B) Library:
The library houses a comprehensive collection of books, including textbooks and reference materials.

Career Opportunities:
A degree in zoology opens up diverse career opportunities for graduates. Some of the potential career paths include: Scientists, Academician (Teachers), Forest Officers, wildlife biologists, and other fields such as exploring opportunities in environmental consulting, zoos, museums, wildlife rehabilitation centers, and government or non-profit organizations dedicated to animal welfare and conservation.

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