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About the department

The department of Economics is as old as the College itself. To enable students of predominantly rural areas marked by poor economic background, to pursue higher education, major course was introduced in the year 1976. During its march towards in higher education in Economics, the department is trying to encourage students to this College. However, with the changing time the department is facing the problem of enrolment due to growth of large numbers of private higher educational institution in nearby area. Despite some inherent problems, the department is devoting its sincere efforts to produce better human resources.
1. To impart quality education in Economics to rural and economically weaker section students.
2. To make the students creative and research oriented and
3. To provide a platform to the students to exhibit their talents and creativity.
1. To provide education not only to acquire knowledge but also to inculcate a sound philosophy for holistic living.
2. To encourage self evaluation, Personality development and guide the students to strive towards perfection and competence and
3. Department of Economics provides excellent teaching and learning with its focus on continuous learning.

At present, the department has three permanent faculty members and offering B.A (Hons) and B.A (Regular)course in Economics under CBCS. The department, to orient the students with local issues, accomplishes some field survey based project works and seminal presentation, recently striding for publication, under ECONOMIC FORUM.
Research based books published by the department are as follows-
The department regularly publishing wall magazine ABHIGYAN, organised educational tour, participating in different cultural and cleanliness progrmmes.
Department of Economics organizes time to time counseling and motivation programmes and also associates career orientation courses and bridge courses to enable the students to pace with recent trend of higher education in economics and in job markets as well.

Course specific outcome

1. To enable our students in acquisition of economic aspects of modern society to make them familiar with techniques for the analysis of problems.
2. To develop strong numerical, statistical and analytical ability.
3. To prepare our students to work in different fields like civil service, IES, Banking, Insurance, MNCs etc. and
4. To enable the students to acquire various skills which they can use to deal with their real life situation i.e., how to manage unlimited wants with limited resources.

Program specific outcomes

The subject Economics is highly applicable to many fields and not restricted to only one career. Degree with Economics boost employability in many areas. Because of widely transferable, analytical and problem solving skills developed by economics students, careers in economics are extremely wide ranging and diverse. The various aspects of careers are as follows
1.Career in civil service such as Indian Economic Services, Indian Administration services, Public enterprises, MNCs, etc.
2.Employment in micro, small and medium scale enterprises in production, marketing and sales.
3. Entrepreneurship or businessman in production of various goods and services.
4. Financial risk analyst, investment analyst, economic consultantfinancial planner in different companies.
5. Jobs in financial sector insurance companies and banking and
6. Academic jobs in public and private sectors under different Government.