Kamrup College



Department of Chemitsry, Kamrup College, Chamata, established in the year2022is affiliated to Gauhati University and stems as one of the leading and emerging departments of the science stream. The department aims to earn great accolade in the upcoming years, produce excellent results per semester and build robust foundations for its students. The department is constituted by three young and dynamic faculty members namely, Dr. Bhaskar Deka (Asst. Professor), Dr. Sujan Kalita (Asst. Professor) and Barsha Rani Bora (Asst. Professor) and offers B.Sc. in Chemistry to regular and honors students. The department is actively engaged not only in regular classes, but also in extra curricular activities including sports, cultural activities, exhibition, educational tour, to name a few.
The department of Chemistry is well equipped with the basic facilities necessary to fulfill the practical classes as per curriculum.
Laboratory instrumental facilities:
1. Magnetic Stirrer
2. Digital Balance
3. Distillation set-up
4. Conductometers
5. Stalagnometer
6. pH meter

Recently, the department organized an educational trip to IIT Guwahati, including all the faculty members and students of the department. The primary goal of such trip is get exposure to different laboratory instruments in various institutions and to interact with the scholars and faculties.
The department also organizes carrier orientation programs to motivate students for their career in chemistry. On 22-09-2023 the department organized an interactive session for career options in chemistry.